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Hubert Rabensteiner
The man the ski stars trust

In 1987, Hubert Rabensteiner began his apprenticeship as a shoemaker and in the process developed his passion for this craft. At the age of 23 he was already working for the successful company Strolz and soon specialised in the production of custom-made ski boots for professional skiers. When he started his own business in 1992 and opened his shop, he continued both his work as a shoemaker and the production of tailor-made ski boots. He also managed to turn his passion - namely the development of innovative products around the foot, including his protectors and shoe insoles - into a profession. This is how the first custom-made shoe insoles were created in the 1990s, shortly afterwards also from Rabensteiner's favourite material, carbon. It wasn't long before a collaboration with major ski boot manufacturers such as Salomon or Atomic began.

Driven by his irrepressible innovative spirit, the next new development did not take long: the innovative protectors made of carbon - as always tailor-made on request and for individual needs.

Today, Hubert Rabensteiner is well-known in the skiing and cycling scene and athletes of world fame go in and out of his workshop.

"Only when the body feels good can it perform at its best"

According to this motto, Hubert Rabensteiner analyses and develops solutions for and with his customers. His goal: to combine the highest performance with the best comfort.