CARBON works

(c'est si bon - it's so good/Carbon)

"Innovations arise from the desire for further development, from the pursuit of perfection, from the need to become better".

We have dedicated ourselves to one of the most fascinating materials in the world: carbon. This material is characterised by its low weight, high resistance and enormous flexibility. Thanks to its unique properties, we are able to implement our innovative ideas and offer an attractive solution to almost any problem. Talk to us and tell us about your concerns: Our range of services covers the entire product development cycle - from the initial idea through development and design to testing.

From wish to reality, so to speak.

Protective and relief protectors, custom-made products and much more.

There's no such thing as impossible: Hubert Rabensteiner does not rest until he has an appropriate solution ready for every request. No matter whether it is a question of special protective and relief protectors for everyday (work) life or for leisure and professional athletes, or very special custom-made products. Have you had a fracture, a torn tendon, tendonitis or other musculoskeletal complaints and pain? Or you even had an injury to your face and need a special face mask that not only relieves the pressure but is also aesthetically pleasing? Talk to us, we will develop your tailor-made solution to relieve the pain point. And that within a very short time! So that your everyday life gets a better quality of life again. Top athletes from all over the world have already entrusted themselves to us - for example, a top athlete was able to get back on her skis and take part in races after an injury after just two weeks thanks to our protectors, although the doctors originally spoke of at least 6 weeks of retirement.

Many top athletes from the international ski circus trust in the individually and precisely tailored protectors from Schuhbert.

Whether "standard" or "individual" - all protectors from Schuhbert are made with the help of the most modern technologies and innovative materials such as carbon and glass fiber and thus guarantee maximum protection without impairing the skiing experience. International skiing legends such as Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Denise Karbon as well as numerous other top athletes in various sports disciplines, e.g. football, cycling, skiing, etc., have been satisfied regular customers for years and have their individual protectors tailored to their body by us. Because they know: Schuhbert's protectors offer a multitude of advantages over conventional protectors, such as low friction, the optimal, anatomical shape for better aerodynamics and maximum freedom of movement, as well as a precise fit.

If someone does get injured, we support the healing process with targeted relief protectors (see custom-made products).

Contact us and arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

The renowned outdoor equipment manufacturer Leki and Schuhbert: an unbeatable team!

Leki is the absolute world market leader in the field of poles and glove systems. All products are designed in our own factory in the Czech Republic and manufactured according to the most modern, environmentally friendly processes. But when it comes to arm protectors, Leki trusts Schuhbert and has the individual carbon protectors for Mikaela Shiffrin and Lara Gut Behrami, among others, produced exclusively by Hubert Rabensteiner. Leki and Schuhbert, two successful companies with one and the same goal: the manufacture of absolute top products that give the customer years of lasting pleasure, meet the highest safety standards and are extremely comfortable to wear.

C-BON Bike
The individual bike

Which passionate cyclist doesn't dream of this: the perfect bike, completely tailored to his or her needs? Schuhbert makes it possible! The c-bon bike, made of the highest quality carbon, is individually adapted to your physique and delivered with your desired equipment. Whether road bike or mountain bike, Schuhbert develops your bike from the best materials in perfect quality, with which you are guaranteed to enjoy for a long time. And all this at an extremely interesting price-performance ratio!

Repairs of carbon

Did you know? Carbon can also be repaired! Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you and analyse the part to be repaired to determine whether a repair is even possible. Because your safety is our top priority.