Custom insoles

No more tight shoes …

Pain due to a foot malposition does not have to be. With custom-made insoles made of carbon or glass fibre in different degrees of hardness, malpositions such as splayed, hollow, bent or flat feet can be quickly corrected and burning soles and chafed feet are a thing of the past! All insoles - whether for everyday shoes or for leisure and professional sports shoes - have been produced completely digitally since 2009. Depending on the requirements, the foot is measured with one of the three completely different scanning systems. The insole is then drawn on the computer and the necessary corrections are made to alleviate the pain or correct the malpositions. To ensure that the insole is not only a perfect fit for the foot, but also perfectly matched to the intended use, each insole is absolutely unique. If desired the customer can ask Schuhbert to produce several, completely different insoles for him or her. This is the only way to guarantee that the connection between foot and shoe fits 100% - regardless of whether you wear the leisure shoe, the cycling shoe, the touring ski boot or the racing shoe.

The best thing: you come to the appointment, where it is essential that you bring your shoe in which you want to wear the insole. We measure your foot, give you comprehensive advice and one hour later you are already holding your custom-made shoe insole in your hands (excluding custom-made products, which take a little longer).


Make an appointment and say goodbye to pain and loss of performance. With a custom-made insole by Schuhbert.

Corrective insole for

heel spur 

in EVA

Special insoles for


in carbon

Special insole

for cycling

in EVA

Special insoles for


in carbon or glass fibre

Customised flip flops
the custom sandal

Make a fashion statement, because orthopaedic shoes can also be modern and stylish. And the BEST part: every sandal is made to measure and unique. .

state-of-the-art  technology and the highest quality standards,  together with the desire to get a perfect orthopedic sandal. You will be guided by experts from the selection and fitting process right up to the moment you hold your glabbal in your hands.

Simply drop by, take a measurement, design it yourself and pick up the ready-made sandal  after a few days.